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Zeolite Testimonials

Please note that these testimonials are listed here to give you an idea of the power of the body's own healing mechanisms when it is liberated from toxins and its pH is balanced. Individual experiences will vary. Seeing how zeolite is a health supplement and not a drug, these testimonials should not in any way be taken to imply that it is a medicine or has medicinal action.

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General Testimonials
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If you or someone you know has a testimonial that you'd like to add to the list, feel free to email us!

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Doctor Testimonials

". the old adage, 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure', takes on a new meaning with cancer. Where cures are seldom, an ounce of prevention is worth years of an otherwise shortened life - vs - a ton of ineffective and miserable treatment.

Since most cancers are caused by toxins we either ingest or inhale, prevention means ridding our bodies of these toxins. I will be using liquid zeolite and I will be recommending this to every member of my family and every patient I see."

Dr. Steven Trobiani, M.D.
Board Certified Neurologist
Northstar Neurological Clinic, Minneapolis, MN

“I’m now 76 years old and my wife and I noticed right away that we had an increase in energy, that our mental acuity improved, our short term memory was back with us again, and it was great to see that from personal experience. We couldn’t help but immediately thank God for bringing us such a great product out of his tool chest and of course we thank the doctors responsible for bringing all of this about. But, I do believe that this is the most profound single product that I’ve seen in 39 years.

The great rewards for us the last three months, is seeing what it’s done for so many people. I know we can’t be specific, but I just want to tell you that some of these things are just awesome. To see people excited, to see people responding so well to good health because of this product has been outstanding. It’s exciting and to see something that can do this for us I think is the best of blessings.”

John Gugel
Kinesiologist & Nutritionist

"I take this natural zeolite product, and I feel that everyone living in the industrial world should be taking it on a regular basis. This product is very different from supplements that add to well-being, but are not essential. Zeolite is simple, elegant, extraordinary, and vital for healthy living in today's toxic world."

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

"I think I may have stumbled on to a new use for liquid activated zeolite ...as you may know I practice geriatrics and internal medicine. I recommend the zeolite to patients who are going to travel or are exposed to closed groups of people, like teachers or patients visiting family for the holidays.

I have a patient who flies on commercial airlines frequently and he has had a number of upper respiratory infections this year from this type of exposure. I told him to go on the zeolite to see if we could prevent this, and he also has had multiple episodes of kidney stones over the last 20 years. He has had to have lithotripsy {crushing of stone by sound waves} and ureterocystoscopies {going through the bladder up the tube to the kidney to remove a stone}.

He was told by his urologist that he had a stone wedged in the lower part of the kidney and he had cat scans and studies to prove this and to locate the stone. He was scheduled to have the stone removed, but he set this up to occur a couple weeks after starting the liquid activated zeolite. On the morning of surgery the urologist got an x-ray to confirm that the stone was still in the same place and guess what, it was gone. Now this patient has passed stones before and he knows it is like trying to pass a piece of broken glass, so he is sure that he did not pass this stone intact.

On a scientific basis this seems to make sense to me because we know the the zeolite picks up positively charged particles and kidney stones are usually made up of debris wrapped in minerals {70% have calcium in them that is why you can see most stones on x ray}. If this turns out to be a new use for the zeolite, I can't even express what a medical find this would be.

For most people the only way to prevent kidney stones is to avoid calcium in their diet and that is not a good idea for bone strength. Also I know that kidney stones and infections are a common problem in small dogs and especially in cats. I obviously will be using liquid activated zeolite on any of my kidney stone patients, especially since there is no down side since it is 100% non toxic and safe."

Dr. Stephen Aiello, M.D.
Board Certified Internist and Geriatrician
Metro Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania

“My name is France Carpentier, and I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for the past 25 years. A few weeks ago, in early September, Tari Steward and Gary Danko came to my clinic to tell me and my husband, who is also a Chiropractor, about a fantastic new health product called liquid activated zeolite that we ought to look into for use in our clinic. I have known both of these gentlemen for years, and I knew they must have had a good reason to be so excited, so I agreed to look into it.

I listened to a CD entitled "Killer Toxins, Doctors Speak Out". I was so taken by the sincerity of those medical doctors speaking out, and because I understood the potential benefit of this unique health product, I decided then and there to become a Distributor. I went home that night and went to the Website and downloaded the zeolite "White Paper" (scientific research paper) and the US patent and read them both, because I needed to see the scientific aspects of it.

In my clinic I'm very picky on my choice of supplemental nutrients I offer my patients. They have to be made from organic food, no synthetic vitamins. I also offer very high quality herbs prepared by a traditional Chinese medical doctor. The standard is high, and after reading the scientific research paper, I decided liquid activated zeolite was meeting that standard.

A few days later I received the product, and that day a patient I had not seen for weeks came in. Eight weeks prior she had been hospitalized for viral meningitis (Inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord as a result of a viral infection and characterized by fever, vomiting, intense headache, and stiff neck). She had then been on Morphine (pain killer medication) for 6 days and later released but not feeling well. Her health had been dwindling down, and she's been having pain in her head, stomach and muscles. She was nauseous and so weak that her husband had to support her when she was walking, and she was whispering to me to save her strength. I gave her a treatment and suggested to her to start taking the zeolite in order to strengthen her immune system. She called me less than 48 hours later, and her voice was full of life when she said "Dr France I'm 85% better!!!!" I had goose bumps on my arms, I was so happy for her.

Then I started offering the zeolite to other patients with different health problems. One of them is a lady that had been exposed to a strong chemical when she cleaned her fireplace 3 months prior. Her breathing was laborious, she was coughing non-stop, her complexion was grayish and she was very tired. Her family practitioner had ordered chest X-rays which came out normal. I offered her to take the zeolite. One week later she came back, gave me a thumbs up, she was smiling, she had rosy cheeks and told me her cough was gone by 90%!!!

A 23 year old woman, who has been a chiropractic patient of mine for 3 years heard about liquid activated zeolite and told me she had genital warts. (These warts are known to be caused by a virus called HPV Papilloma virus, which is also known to cause cervical cancer). She had them burned, they came back, took medication and put medicated ointment on them without any change.

I told her she had nothing to lose by trying the zeolite at 10 drops 3 times a day. One week later she complained they were bigger and painful. I told her to increase the drops to 15 at three times a day, she did. I saw her the next week but I forgot to inquire about them. The following week I asked her and she told me that last week she wanted to let me know but forgot. She had this big smile on her face and told me one morning she woke up and they were all gone!! Four weeks since then and she is still free of them!

A lady has been suffering for a few days of nasal congestion, runny nose, had lost her voice and her chest was congested. She took 10 drops of the zeolite in the morning and by the afternoon her voice was back, her nose was cleared and three days later her chest was completely normal. Also for the first time in years she was able to have a daily bowel movement.

Two years ago, my daughter had a severe tonsillitis (painful inflammation of the tonsils caused by bacterial infection). She was away at school and was put on a course of antibiotics. Despite the antibiotics she was in bed for 5 days. Last week she started to become ill with tonsillitis again. She had been taking liquid activated zeolite for 10 days, so I told her to increase it to 15 drops 4 times a day. Two days later she got up and felt so good she said it was as if she had not been sick at all.

Every day I tell my patients and my friends to take this wonderful product. I have been taking it for 3 weeks now. I have great energy already, and with the zeolite my running is even better!! I'm using this product as well as a healthy diet, good quality nutrients from whole food, exercise and no smoking, so I can live a long, active and healthy life. I suggest everyone should do the same.

Dr. Jan Becker, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

"I have been giving liquid activated zeolite to my entire family including one very special member, our cat Coconut. His story goes like this. He was rescued by me when I was an emergency veterinarian. He was brought to the emergency clinic and needed surgery right away to save his life. His owners wouldn't pay for this so they signed him over and Coconut received his surgery. He then "worked" as a blood donor for two years saving others kitty's lives. This involved being sedated or even fully anesthetized monthly for the procedure of collecting his blood to save some other cat in need. Also, while in the clinic, Coconut had a few bouts of "fever of unknown origin" which is usually viral.

My husband and I adopted Coconut and have had him for years. He is extremely sweet and affectionate, but would mostly sleep all day. We called it "lumping" or being "Cocotose" when he would sleep so soundly that is scared us.

Since giving Coconut the zeolite (3 drops once a day as cats don't tend to like taking anything), Coconut has come alive. He sleeps less and even though well, less deep and less worrisomely. He plays with toys and the others cats, which he never did before. I suspect somehow the zeolite is removing the anesthesia residues, though it isn't claimed to do so. And, also, if there was any residual virus affecting him, it has handled that.

This has been a great win for me as Coconut is truly a hero and I am glad to give him a better life in any way I can."

Dr. Jan Becker, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

"Tests strong in every case. A first step in even the most compromised situations. We've seen results where none are expected, and recommend the Patented Liquid Zeolite highly to all of our Doctors and patients."

Dr. Dan Gleeson DC

"I am a Biological Dentist, and I have been a Dentist for over 30 years. The essence of Biological Dentistry is using materials and treatments that strengthen the immune system and the elimination of toxins that might be suppressing the immune system. As such, I do not use mercury amalgam fillings in my dental practice.

Being a high energy person by nature, I was a little skeptical about liquid activated zeolite at first. Also being a dentist who is approached by every person with a product, I had my barriers up. I started reading the testimonials and could not believe what I was reading. Two weeks ago I got the zeolite and wanted to see what kind of response my patients would have. Today, I got my first patient testimonial. This lady is excited.

Michelle had lupus for many years. Her symptoms were arthritis, joint pain, no energy, brain fog and swollen glands. She had done some research that had implicated her mercury fillings so we made a treatment plan to remove them. Michelle came to me because she knew that I was a Biological Dentist.

She had broken a tooth with a mercury filling in it. The tooth had been broken for about six weeks. The whole time that the tooth had been broken, she had a sore throat. I safely removed the mercury filling and placed a crown on the tooth. Two days after the she called in a panic. She felt that the mercury that had been stirred up in the removal process had overloaded her system. She had flu like systems and wanted to know what I recommended. I gave her liquid activated zeolite.

She came in today elated. She wants to tell the world about her experience. The first day she had terrible diarrhea, but more energy and major relief from her arthritis. On day two she experienced dizziness and was cold. The sore throat that she had had for six weeks was gone and she was cold all of the time. Day three she still had a little diarrhea and a little cold sensation but her joints did not hurt. Day four she had no diarrhea, more concentration, more energy, improved vision, less muscle weakness, no arthritis, and lots of energy. She feels that this product has given her back her life. I want to videotape her. Anyone who saw her two weeks ago would not believe it was the same person.

She thought she had ADD because she could not concentrate. Now she can focus her attention. The change was so dramatic that her manager commented on it."

Dayton Hart, DMD

“I’ve been a Doctor of Chiropractic for 28 years. I’m board certified in Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture and my focus for the last 28 years has been on clinical nutrition and preventive health. In my 30 years of using extensive nutrition, this is by far the biggest breakthrough that I have seen. It offers a safety and efficacy that we just don’t see with other products and it actually helps all other products work better.

We’ve had a number of people that have had hay fever and allergy symptoms to chronic sinus issues that have had remarkable changes. My wife is one example. She’s had chronic sinus issues for 40 years and this is the first time in her life that she’s actually had her sinuses drain after being on the liquid zeolite for about six weeks. She’s just had the best winter she’s ever had in relation to her sinus. Others that have had the hay fever in the Red River Valley of the North here during harvest season – hay fever is a big issue. We’ve just had people go through the entire harvest season with no hay fever or allergy symptoms at all. We had a child with extreme activity and focus and concentration ability issues. After taking the product, in just a few days, everybody commented on how much better behaved he was, he was able to sit quietly and play, and had a major change in his ability to learn. We’ve seen skin conditions that have had some very chronic, degenerative type issues where we’ve had open ulcerations or discolorations, almost like a growing infection. In just a few weeks we’ve seen some major changes in healing. Warts are a side-effect type of situation - Because of its effect on viral replication, it seems to affect warts and we’ve had people that incidentally reported that many of their warts have disappeared.”

Dr. Darrel Hestdalen, D.C.
North Dakota

"With my background in research, I did my due diligence and in the process of doing that, and what I’ve seen over the past several months, in terms of the efficacy of the zeolite product, there is basically one word to describe the product and that is “remarkable”.

I’m so impressed because to put on paper, people coming forward with their own personal testimonials, I’ve never seen this many and that is just an incredible testament to the efficacy of the product. We don’t make claims that activated zeolite is a cure or treatment for any particular disease state, but just to share with you some of the testimonials that have come forward that I’ve seen . . . we’re looking at a study of patients for example with Hepatitis C using activated zeolite, and just as an anecdotal testimonial, the very first person that we enrolled, dropped their Hepatitis C viral load from 10 million to 7 million after six weeks of taking activated zeolite. We’ve had somebody else’s drop their Hepatitis C viral load from 3 million to 100,000 after one to two months of taking the product. We’re getting some really remarkable, positive results.

Additionally, in terms of viral responses, two weeks ago we had someone who was a teenager, who was diagnosed with severe mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr virus infection. This person had a severe case – had a sore throat, lymph nodes were swollen, was very debilitated, fever, the whole bit. They were basically told they would be out of school for six weeks or more and no sports. They were boxing within two weeks and the family and treating physician just could not believe the rapid response that could not be explained, because the natural, clinical history of someone with severe mononucleosis is to be sick for literally six weeks, eight weeks or more and many of them are debilitated and have chronic fatigue for upwards of six months or longer.

That’s just to share with you some of the experiences that I’ve seen recently and that’s why I passionately feel the zeolite product has so much to offer basically the entire population, and I feel this is almost a crusade to educate the public about the benefits of this one product and many, many, many people feel that way as well."

Dr. Alex Lee, M.D.
Board Certified Internist & Gastroenterologist
Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

"There have been two major transforming events in my professional career. One is when I decided to change to homeopathy and that was in 1992 and I discovered a whole new world of healing. And I would have to say the same event occurred in late 2005 when I was introduced to liquid activated zeolite with my partner’s (Elizabeth Webb) mother’s story. One of my primary focuses in my practice is helping autistic children and children who are developmentally impaired and that is primarily a disease of toxicity.

Usually we treat that with nutritional support and traditional chelators. The introduction of liquid activated zeolite into my practice has radically transformed the outcome of many of these cases and also my whole level of enthusiasm and excitement in treating these children and being able to offer the parents a highly effective detoxifying agent that has such an incredible safety profile.

It has truly surpassed all my expectations. It is just a magnificent tool in this particular setting and in many other settings. This is not about treating a particular condition. In fact I think it’s very wrong to think of liquid zeolite as being applied to any particular disease. It is a spectacularly effective detoxification agent and has usefulness in virtually every chronic disease. I believe toxicity plays a part in the pathology of practically every chronic disease and to that extent, liquid zeolite can be a marvelous tool in helping people recover. In conditions where toxicity is primarily the concerns like developmental issues, it is spectacularly effective.

There was a follow up that I saw this morning, a four year old boy who I began working with at the beginning of February, and at that time he was still in diapers, was totally non-communicative, was grinding his teeth and temper-tantruming on an extremely regular basis. I started him on some nutrients and liquid zeolite and within three days of starting the liquid zeolite, he was potty trained. Which completely blew his parents away, and me as well. Over the next six weeks his speech literally exploded, his spontaneous emotional expression exploded, he came into my office today asking a whole raft of different questions, including “why’s”. He wanted to know “why this, why that” all of which indicates normal cognitive function was really starting up in him. His temperament was vastly improved, his teeth grinding had completely resolved. His appetite and digestion had improved, it was just a truly spectacular response. Not every child responds in that spectacular a way, but certainly there’s an across-the-board response to this product in that group of children that I haven’t ever seen with any other single product.

I have another lady that I followed up with this week who was diagnosed six weeks ago with metastatic pancreatic carcinoma and it was involved in her spine, in her lymph nodes and her liver. When she came in six weeks ago she was feeling very run down, and had a tremendous amount of back pain which is a characteristic and ominous sign of pancreatic cancer. One month later she walked into my office full of energy. Her complexion looked great, her energy and mood was great and she had no back pain. Now, her story is certainly not over, but nonetheless there’s pretty convincing clinical evidence that her condition has improved tremendously and the only thing that she has been doing in that month is taking liquid zeolite.

So there’s two follow-ups I had this week that were both pretty impressive and powerful testimonies to the incredible ability this product has to pull toxins out of the body, and allow the natural healing mechanisms to operate fully and freely and the results speak for themselves.

With typical chelators, you simply do not see the quality of the response that I’ve been seeing with liquid zeolite. These kids seem to respond much more quickly and much more fully than with traditional chelating agents. It’s really a pleasure to use and it’s almost a delight to have a new child come in because I know that I have something that’s truly going to help this child in all likelihood. Previously there were things I could do and things that would help the children, but nothing to this extent. I would say that it is the most powerful tool that I have in my clinical arsenal to help this group of children.

At this point, I cannot think of a single child (out of 40) that I have used the liquid zeolite with, who has not responded to some degree.

This latest generation of children is probably the sickest generation of children in American history. The number of allergies, the incidence of asthma, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, developmental issues and chronic conditions of every sort has literally mushroomed in this last generation. When you see this type of global, multi-faceted deterioration in the level of health in an entire generation – 30% of these children are on some kind of chronic medication - that is clearly an indication of tremendous environmental toxicity that’s impacted these children tremendously.

Liquid zeolite is probably the single most effective agent that can favorably influence every single one of these conditions. This product is probably the single most valuable tool that a physician or a parent can use to help recover the health of their children.

I understand that that’s a very big statement to say, and I’m certainly not saying it glibly. I truly believe that this product is a godsend and something that is vitally necessary for us to start recovering our health.

Systemic toxicity is probably responsible for 90% or more of all of the illnesses that doctors see in their offices every single day. There’s not a person on this planet who does not have some kind of ailment that is the result of some kind of toxicity. Every single human being on this planet would benefit from taking liquid zeolite. I have not the slightest doubt about that and every condition that you could possibly mention in my opinion would benefit to some degree from reducing the toxic burden."

Dr. Peter Prociuk, M.D.
Homeopathic Physician

"I'm a practicing gastroenterologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a special certification in nutritional support. I work with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa. This is a national organization that's focused on the care, treatment and the prevention of this very serious illness. The science and research behind the natural zeolite product demonstrates its ability to safely detoxify the body of environmental toxins and potential carcinogens. We now know that many of these illnesses that we are face with as we age are strongly impacted by these chemical toxins.

On the basis of the extensive research concerning this product, I'm impressed with its ability to support a healthy immune function, balance the body's pH, detoxify and/or chelate heavy metals, toxins and other known illness-causing agents.

"This all natural zeolite product could be the most important and significant breakthrough in detoxification ever. By detoxifying the body of these harmful substances, we can help reduce the risk of minor illnesses and many serious illnesses as well. This is a product that my family and I use daily and I believe that everyone should be using."

Dr. Ross Taylor, M.D.
Gastroenterologist and Nutritional Support Physician
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Being in practice for over twenty years and prior to that being a professional athlete, I’ve always studied nutrition and the thing I’ve seen most is, remarkable changes (when) we’ve done detoxing. We see people from all over the world with health care problems and very unusual toxic problems and the results that we’re getting with the (liquid zeolite) is just shocking.

Two leukemia patients came back with their blood results negative, I’ve had numerous patients with autism where the children are cognitive again and the list just goes on and on. Numerous patients who had the detox and (were) terminal cancer patients with skin cancer they came back negative.

So, it’s detoxing the body, it’s a nutrient, it’s non-toxic, and I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s really gotten me jazzed back up in my practice because one of the biggest things we’ve had to confront is the neurotoxins and the toxins in our environment - It’s really been tough for holistic practitioners. So, I feel that this product is something that is just going to change the world.

(When asked how long it takes to see results): It varies from patient to patient. If someone is very toxic, overweight, isn’t on the right type of diet, that is going to take a little longer. But, sometimes we’ll see it with patients, in the next day."

Dr. Tom Zorich DC
Rocklin, CA

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General Public Testimonials

"I've been taking liquid activated zeolite for 4 weeks now, and from day one my body keeps doing better and better, with much more mental clarity and alertness, increased energy, a clean feeling inside and I feel much brighter like a load of poisons have been dumped out from my body, and it keeps getting better each day. I sleep better and wake up refreshed and well rested. I have tons of abundant energy and I now work out every morning, 5 days a week, for 30 minutes and love it. I have coined a phrase to describe how my body has been feeling since I began taking the zeolite and began getting rid of my body's toxic burden = 'Cleaner, Lighter and Brighter'. That's exactly how I feel every day now!"

Tari Steward

"My grandson, age 16, has had a behaviour problem. His school teacher said, "I don't want him in my class until he is medicated." My daughter put him on Ritalin. We prayed that something natural would take the place of it.

"I started taking liquid activated zeolite hoping to reduce migraine headaches which I've had since I was a child. During my one-month zeolite "trial," I didn't have one migraine (I normally had several a month). I had one run-of-the-mill headache that disappeared after taking just two ibuprofen. I was also pleasantly surprised that after just one month on the zeolite, my hot flashes and night sweats (once frequent) were completely gone. I was so impressed, I'm now a distributor."

Denise Springer

We know God answers prayer. A few weekends ago he came to stay with me. We gave him 10 drops of liquid zeolite starting Friday night, at 6 PM. We started giving him 10 drops 4 times a day. He calmed right out and didn't take his Ritalin over the weekend, as it caused him to have side effects he didn't like.

He had final exams on Monday, 4 days after we started him on the liquid zeolite. My daughter, Angela, asked me, "What did you do to my son? He's in his room multi-tasking." He was fixing his room up. He picked up all his clothes, and was organizing his room. He had never done that.

His final exams were Monday. He had to ace his German exam in order to get a passing grade, as he was failing German. Angela asked me what to do. (He had been off the Ritalin all weekend and had taken the liquid zeolite instead.) I said, "Because of the differences we've seen in the 3 days we've had him, I'd send him to school without the medication. But that's your call."

He went to school without the medication. He called me in the afternoon and said, "Grammy-cat, I aced all my exams."

He did. He got straight A's on his report card without the medication. We know that a lot of these disorders are caused by heavy metals. He stayed off his Ritalin after one weekend on the liquid zeolite. Angela has not gotten one call from the teachers saying that he had forgotten to turn in the homework that he had done. Before, calls from the teachers were frequent.

I asked Braden to explain how his head feels. He said, "I don't have any more noises in my head. Before when I would try and concentrate, I couldn't concentrate on what I needed to do, there were so many noises. Now I can concentrate." … It [the Ritalin] gave him a burning stomach and a headache, and that's how he had to go to school every day. He'd feel like a zombie, and still had the noises in his head. … Braden said, "I'd do anything not to have this burning stomach and headache."

This was a month and a half ago. I'm now seeing a very calm boy. He's not so antsy. He would constantly thump his feet when he would sit. He's not doing that now. And he's not constantly popping his fingers.

He now has friends at school. Before nobody wanted to be around him because he was so hyper. He had very few friends. The kids are noticing the difference.

It's his behaviour that is attracting him to the other kids. He's so happy to be invited to birthday parties and other activities.

He said he'd like to bring his friends to meet me at my house. My daughter said their relationship is so much better now because they can talk to each other now. Before it was a constant fight because she'd try to get Braden to do things, and he couldn't put it together how to get it done.

He'd come here and say, "It's just not fun at home… We fight and argue, and mom doesn't understand."

The last time he came, he said, "Things are so much better at home."

… He's 170 pounds. His acne is totally gone. We started him Friday night, and by Saturday afternoon he calmed right out.

He drinks four 16-oz bottles of water a day. We have not put him back on the Ritalin. He is much happier now."

Kathy Reichenbach
(writing about her grandson, Braden)

"When I started taking liquid zeolite, I was still using ice (crystal methamphetamine). Part of me was trying to break through and be healthy. I could feel the zeolite running inside me and washing the bad away, purifying impurities that were in me.

The physical cravings started to go away. Emotionally, the zeolite made me stable. Using the drug comes from insecurity of something in life, and trying to make everything else go away. The zeolite made me not have the need to be insecure and need the drug. It stabilized something I was missing – physically and emotionally.

Now I don't need the drug at all. The zeolite makes me feel really good. My energy and skin are better. So are my feelings, and my mind. I don't know what it is exactly.

The liquid zeolite helped it be so much easier to come off drugs when I'm taking it. Sleep and eating habits are all different when you do drugs or alcohol.

Liquid zeolite brings you back to how good things really are – nutrients in food, for example. I feel like I'm getting everything thing I need.

I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms getting off the ice. I was in denial about a lot of things in my life that were going on…

Usually people gain weight getting off drugs. I didn't. I didn't sleep or eat more than I needed to. I didn't crave candies. Before, when I was coming down, I'd crave candy. Before it would sustain me until I had my next fix. I don't crave candy at all now.

I gained weight when I was using because I was eating all the wrong things. My cravings were wrong. Now I crave healthy sugars like papayas, mangos, and watermelon. Things like candy don't taste good to me any more. The zeolite has helped me so much. I've been taking it about 3 months now..."

Update August 20th, 2006 -

My daughter was born 2 months ago. I'm so happy that I have a perfectly healthy, happy, calm, peaceful baby girl. My pregnancy went fine, thanks to the liquid zeolite helping me to to not crave and stay off drugs, and detoxifying me so that my baby could be born healthy.

I gave birth in the hospital. It was hard work, but I did it! My labor was 12 hours. Birth is the most amazing thing! When I found out I was pregnant I wanted more than anything to have a healthy baby. I had gone down the wrong track--gotten in with the wrong people, and made some bad decisions. Now my baby and I are going in a positive direction--we have a chance to create good, beautiful lives.

Getting off that drug was made so much easier with the liquid zeolite. I got off and stayed off it. I have used the liquid zeolite every day except the few when I went for "treatment", and they took it away from me because they didn't know what it was. Then I got so sick. So I know how much it helped me, because as soon as I could take it again I felt OK. I never really had hard withdrawal symptoms.

I have taking the liquid zeolite throughout my pregnancy, and after I gave birth. My baby is growing fast. She doens't have any of the symptoms that some "ice" babies have--cholic, hyperactivity & stuff.

I hope my sharing this will help others. I send you all my love."

Cathy Smith
Kauai, Hawaii

I have waited three months to submit this young woman's testimonial - wanting to make sure it was for real. It is. This has huge implications especially here on Kauai, were Ice is an enormous problem with young people. We are also seeing people with cravings for sugar, alcohol, and tobacco quickly loose their cravings.

Karuna Thal, holistic health consultant
(writing about Catherine, above)
Kauai, Hawaii

"My son Camron has been diagnosed as autistic since he was two years old and had stopped talking at that time. Camron is now 6 years old and he is an affectionate, smart, playful boy. However, he continued to have problems communicating, and overall interacting with others.

The school has been working with him and we had made some progress. Camron had difficulty sitting for long periods of time as well. He had also had stomach problems where he would not eat or become constipated often. It is common in some autistic children to get a condition called leaky gut and although we never had him diagnosed for this, Camron was displaying some symptoms by having various stomach issues.

We were introduced to liquid zeolite through a friend and business associate, Don Groth. He told us he had been using an all natural supplement that safely and effectively removes toxins from the body and he wanted us to try it because it had worked so well for him.

I immediately thought of Camron because we knew that autism could be caused by metals or toxins in the body and since we believed this to be the case with Camron we decided to try it not just for ourselves but for Camron.

Since taking the liquid zeolite (we started Camron on 6 drops 3 times a day), we have been told that Camron can sit for 45 minutes to do class work, is talking more and interacting more with others. He will repeat words back which is building up his vocabulary. I can hardly keep up with the things he says now because he is observing and imitating the things he sees others do.As soon as he started taking liquid zeolite, his eating habits automatically improved. Camron has been known to be a pretty good eater so when he would not eat much or not at all on a particular day, we knew that something was wrong. Before he would not really eat as much and even skip lunch at school sometimes.

With the liquid zeolite he has a healthy appetite again and no more stomach pains or problems. We are so grateful to have been introduced to liquid zeolite. Not only did Camron not have any bad reaction to it, it is odorless and tasteless so we would put it in any drink or food without Camron knowing. This worked out perfectly because Camron is very sensitive to certain food texture and will not eat or drink anything that tastes "funny" to him. We really enjoy the product and will continue to use it for the overall health of Camron and our family."

Chester and Christine Green (writing about their son Camron)

"Even though I have had great results for myself, the most blessed miracle to come from liquid activated zeolite has been the help it has given my son Mickey. He is 5 years old and he has autism. Taking the zeolite has helped him so much! We no longer have meltdowns or rage behavior to deal with. He does have an episode once in awhile but now we are able to reason with him & calm him down. He is much happier than he has been in a long time. Mickey goes to kindergarten in public school.

At the beginning of the year, he was scheduled to only be in mainstream class about 40% of the day, the rest of his day to be spent in an autism classroom. Mickey now attends mainstream 98% of his day, including eating lunch in a noisy lunchroom! This is a major milestone for Mickey. He no longer has to be removed from kindergarten for becoming frustrated or upset. His teacher can now deal with him on her own, just like any other kindergartener in the room. He is able to go on field trips, etc.

This product has been such a blessing for my family! I recommend liquid activated zeolite to all my family & friends."

Lea Ann McGuire

"I also realized [after taking liquid zeolite] that I have not had any problem with Acid Reflux since I started taking the zeolite. In fact I almost always get Chinese food stuck while eating it and get very bad acid reflux. Last week I could feel that the Chinese food I was eating got stuck in my esophagus after a few bites. I normally have to then go into the bathroom and stand over the sink for a while - get very uncomfortable and sometimes even try to throw up, just to get rid of the pain. In this case, I went into the bathroom and instead took 5 drops of the zeolite. The food moved and I never got the acid reflux. It went away. What a relief. It works!"

Larry Chojnowski

I have pretty symptomatic GERD (gastric reflux disease). I have DEFINITELY noticed a change since I've started using liquid zeolite (about 3 weeks ago). I still take Zantac, but have been able to back off from 20 mgm Prilosec daily. I am excited!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

"It all started 28 years ago when I became pregnant… Well after the baby was born [my] heartburn did subside… After some time the symptoms started again and this time they were getting worse. I started on Tums, Rolaids, etc. This seemed to help solve the problem for years. As I got older the symptoms exceedingly got more frequent and severe. I would wake up in the middle of the night where I could not get my breath, I felt as though I was suffocating for air. The acid was so severe it would make me regurgitate everything I had eaten. Instead of one or two tablets like the directions called for I was up to 4 to 6 tablets every hour. I would get relieve and feel better. Now the pills were not helping, only throwing up everything would relieve the pressure and nauseating feeling. I was getting to the point I did not want to eat because I was afraid of the symptoms that were to follow. I could not go through the agony.

One day my husband told me about this product… the liquid zeolite. I immediately told him I would like to try it… You get to a point that you will just about try anything for relief. So the liquid zeolite came in and immediately I tried it. I am still at 10 drops 3 times a day and my acid reflux is dissipating. I immediately found relief the first day. After a week my assistant who works with me who should know me after 3 years told me my mood was even milder… I have been relieved of severe acid reflux. I stopped for about a week because of things that had happened in my life and I immediately had acid reflux. So when you start you keep taking it faithfully. It really has been a life saver to me and I tell everyone about this amazing product. I was a little surprised at the little bottle and the drops only look like water, but the unbelievable results in that little bottle is for me."

Becky Grisolano
Kirtland, New Mexico

"I had a very severe infection in my throat for which the doctors had me on antibiotics for 5 months. Unfortunately, not only did the medication fail to address the infection, it caused me to develop C-diff colitis, a dangerous gastro-intestinal problem. I was taken off the antibiotics and a couple of weeks later started to take the liquid zeolite 10 drops three times daily. Within 4 days, the terrible taste I had experienced from the infection was gone and my doctor said that I should continue to take the liquid zeolite for 4 months. The infection was cleared and I now take liquid zeolite as directed on the label as a preventive measure."

Kelley Spear
Hudson, Ohio

"Life as it was meant to be Lived!!

I wish there was a name for the disease I have had my whole life. For me the cause of the disease was merely living! Let me try and explain. My list of symptoms begins like this: I was born in 1970 as a preemie with failure to thrive, I was born with a connective tissue disease called Sticklers Syndrome around the age of 7 through my teen years I began to struggle with such things as stomach aches, headaches, allergies (the doctors wanted to put me on steroids but my parents chose not to), asthma, fatigue, eczema, insomnia, muscle pain, arthritis, fainting spells, chemical sensitivities that have worsened to the point that I am confined to my home in order to survive.

The list goes on but my time does not. I can remember around the age of 17 one night I had passed out twice in a matter of minutes all by myself on the cement floor in our basement. I was so afraid because I did not know what was wrong with me. I really thought I was dying. Unfortunately, there were many times when not even my family could understand how sick I felt.

It was around this time that my parents began to seek alternative methods of treatment. After 7 years of different kinesiologist, strict healthy dieting, at times 75-90 supplements a day, and thousands of dollars later I still did not have any answers!

Through my adult years my symptoms only grew worse. In 1999 I had pectus excavatum surgery because my ribcage was sunken in and was crushing my heart. It became very difficult to find any "good" days to grasp on to. I was experiencing heart palpations, chronic insomnia, (I would go for 3 days at a time and finally fall asleep for 3 hours) I lived with a level 8 or higher headache that would not got away no matter what I took, I lived with debilitating pain in my ribs, back and muscles! As a wife and mother of 4 children I did not even have enough energy to perform the menial tasks of the day.

Any attempts to exercise only left me with increased pain that lasted for days! I was on sleeping pills, pain pills and anti-depressants. It was during this time that I even contemplated suicide. It is no wonder!! When the quality of one's life is so minimal you begin to wonder if your life really is a life, and how is it worth even getting out of bed in the morning when your day is filled with pain and sheer exhaustion!!!!!!!!!!! I went to multiple specialists and medical doctors but was never given any answers.

It was around this time that God directed me to the care of a wonderful chiropractor. Under weekly, and bi-weekly care for about 4 years I was seeing much improvement. I was finally off of all my drugs and was able to eliminate a lot of the pain. My headache had subsided but was still there. After feeling myself improve I was encouraged until this last year when everything began to go backwards again!!! As bad as backwards was I was so afraid that if I went back to how life was at my worst I would not survive this time.

I had swollen lymph nodes in my head, arms, breasts, and neck that had reached the point where they would never go down. I was so highly sensitive to chemicals that it was becoming impossible to even leave my home without suffering the consequences. I had the horrible realization that on top of everything else something was not working right with my mind. I was having difficulty playing the piano, relaying information, speaking without stumbling over my words, and I began struggling with extreme, unexplained outbursts of anger!!

Why was this happening? I wondered!!! My chiropractor mentioned the possibility of heavy metal toxicity. I began to do my research. It was not long before my symptoms began to line up directly with heavy metal toxicity!! I had grown up within 15 miles of two nuclear power plants and multiple paper mill industries. The area where I grew up is also known as being number one in the nation for people developing MS!! And, very high on the list for brain cancer.

My suspicions were confirmed with the help of a hair analysis, which definitely revealed doses of heavy metals, including mercury and uranium were in my body. Not long after I made an appointment to have my mouthful of mercury fillings replaced. I knew I had to find a successful means of chelating these heavy metals out of my body and organs, thus the search began. How I thank God for the day one of my children's Sunday School teachers told me about liquid zeolite. Three days later I began my first dose!

I began taking liquid zeolite 1 week prior to having my fillings removed. I noticed results immediately. I would have to describe my experience to what I can only imagine a butterfly might feel like as he is emerging from its cocoon and experiencing life for the first time!!! How wonderful to know that my kidneys were capable of functioning properly!! I noticed that I began sleeping heavier and waking up earlier because I was well rested. For the first time in almost 30 years I felt like eating breakfast, and I did so without becoming ill.

I had always been told the old sayings, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." Also, that "breakfast was the most important meal of the day." But that was never a lifestyle I was capable of embracing, until now. I began to feel like I could venture out of the "bubble" I had tried to create at home. I am finding out what it truly means to live life to the fullest. No longer do I find myself having to put on a pasted smile, this one is for real and it is here to stay!!! I have so much energy my husband cannot keep up with me, and he is not a lazy person!! I have not had one "bad" day since I have been taking liquid zeolite!!

My family is shocked by the results and are all in the process of ordering their own zeolite. SEEING IS BELIEVING!!! Instead of a bundle of nerves I have a calmness about me. My lymph nodes are no longer swollen, I have not had a single headache in the first month of taking liquid zeolite. I can now go to other people's homes without becoming sick from the chemicals in their homes. Including cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning products, etc.

I am no longer crippled with pain. The only time I feel the pain coming back is if I miss a dose or go too many hours in between doses. I am going to aerobic classes, movies, baseball games, spending my time outside, dreaming of going on vacations instead of dreading them!!!! It is like a heavy weight has been lifted from my whole being, a weight that has tried so hard for years to crush me!! This is a lifestyle that I never imagined I could be experiencing!! Liquid zeolite has done more than change my life, it has given me a life!!!!!!!!!!!"

Update July 11th, 2006 -

"I wanted to share with all of you an update on my health. As many of you know I just went to Wisconsin for vacation. In the past this has not been a very pleasant experience.

You may ask why I go back and the reason is to see my family. In the past I have always developed asthma by my second day there. My kidneys back up and my whole body begins to swell!! My skin develops rashes and welts, my eyes itch like crazy and swell up, I itch all over my body, have a horrible headache and so much more. I usually have to use a steroid inhaler and take prednisone to cope. I also have ended up in the emergency room with what the doctors have described as anaphylactic shock.

To this day I still don't know what causes these symptoms but I can tell you that with liquid zeolite I was able to go home and actually enjoy my visit. Instead of my health going downhill during my visit, I could actually feel better!! I never got asthma!!! I even spent a day at Six Flags with my kids!!!!

I maintained an energy level that I have never had there and was able to keep up with my aerobics while I was there. I saw incredible results with the company's detox teas. I took them faithfully while on my vacation. What a blessing to go home and see my family doing better physically than in the past. They are all taking liquid zeolite now as well!!!"

Monnie G
Colorado, USA

"Our family began taking liquid activated zeolite three weeks ago. For the past 4 years, my ph has been VERY acidic (below 5.5) which made me extremely tired most of the time. After just a couple of days on the zeolite, my pH was up to 6.5 and my energy level has been consistently high. Also, my sinus passages have been chronically stuffed up for at least the past 20 years. To my surprise, after a week on the liquid activated zeolite, these passages cleared and I can now breathe through them which is thrilling. (I often wondered when I was told to breathe through my nose why that was so impossible!)

However, the most exciting thing for me has been the experience our 21 year old daughter has had taking the zeolite. For the past 6 months to 1 year, she has been complaining about being tired all the time, not having any energy and getting sick often. I sent her all kinds of vitamins and supplements and nothing seemed to help. She had a sore throat the day she received her first shipment of liquid activated zeolite. By the next day, her sore throat was gone and she had energy! She is like a different person. In fact, she said to me last weekend, "Mom, it's SO GREAT to wake up and NOT BE TIRED!" Her energy is high and her disposition is so positive and upbeat!

We continue to be amazed by the results we are experiencing!"

Shayla Hill

"My dentist had already put in about 15-20 "silver" fillings into my mouth by the time I was 3 years old. After that I was constantly sick. I had penicillin shots monthly for 2 years. My tonsils were removed when I was 5 because they were infected all the time. (Probably because I had no immune system left after all the mercury poisoning and antibiotics.)

As I got older I was diagnosed with endometriosis, severe anemia, had numerous allergies and was just always sick with some disease. At 17, I started working in the dental field as an assistant and was told by the dentist that mercury was not harmful, so I never wore gloves while handling mercury every day for the next few years.

My heart started beating irregularly, and I was told I had mitral valve prolapse. I had a host of other ailments and was told I was a hypochondriac. In my 30's I was bitten by a deer tick in Washington state and developed Lyme disease. My doctor , for whatever reason, was reluctant to diagnose my symptoms as Lyme-related, so I jumped through his hoops and for the next 6 months was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, Lupus, MS, Sjogrens and rheumatoid arthritis.

I had an MRI after a small stroke and just had a really difficult life for awhile trying to get well and still be a good wife and mother to my 3 small children. (I'm trying to get my medical records from that doctor, but so far they are only sending bits and pieces from my chart.)

I finally went to another doctor for the Lymes, and he gave me Tetracycline (1500 mg a day) for the next 6 months. When I was on antiibiotics, it always sounded like a radio was on. I was hearing voices. I felt like my head was going to burst, and was floating above my body. I'd have panic attacks and have to get out of the house. I was terrified, and there was nothing to be terrified of. I was acting crazy, and I knew it.

My Lyme symptoms went away, but Candida was another issue. I couldn't digest food anymore and the doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me and wrote me off.

Nobody had ever told me to take probiotics during my 6 months use of antibiotics and I had never heard about Candida… I was calling family and friends to say good-bye when someone told me about Candida and how to get rid of the overgrowth. She saved my life. I spent the next 6 years eating vegetables and taking probiotics.

I felt much better, but still had brain-fog and so many other symptoms of mercury poisoning and Candida. After moving to Hawaii, I continued to search for a cure and was blessed to meet Lisa Dereszynski. She introduced me to activated liquid zeolite, and after taking it for the last 3 months I'm now able to speak coherently, the mental fog is finally gone,

Because I was so toxic, I started at 1 drop 3 times a day for a week, then worked up to 2 drops a day for about 3 days. I didn't feel anything so moved up to 3, 4, 5 drops. I got a bit spacey, had some panic attacks, started crashing into the walls. I increased to 5 or 6 drops 3 times a day. I felt strange, forgetful, like my head was floating above my body, tripping over words. I eventually worked up to about 10 drops 3x/day. I don't always count the drops, I just squirt it in my mouth. I tune into my body to determine my dosage for the day. The right dosage for me goes up and down, it's not the same every day.

It took me about a month and a half to feel mental clarity, and a few months to feel pretty good. I don't have joint pain any more. I hardly get sick anymore, my arthritis pain disappeared so I'm able to exercise again, and I've lost weight.

My 13 year old son started on NCD and says he has mental clarity for the first time.

For the first time in my life I finally feel like I'm the human being God intended for me to be."

Robin Mikkelsen

"I have had serious levels of mercury (heavy metal) toxicity in my body for the past 8+ years, which I got from fillings in my teeth and 2 major anesthetic drug injections during the births of my 2 children. This mercury toxicity has resulted in my having chronic fatigue (always tired), mood swings, irritability, mental fog and "spacey-ness", plus not being able to go to sleep easily at night, not able to stay asleep and not getting enough sleep and waking up dead tired. Also my body would get sick easy with any bacterial infection, virus, or fungal infection that came around, and if that was not enough I have had horrible allergies at certain times of the year when some plants are in bloom. My health was a mess.

Then I started taking the liquid activated zeolite drops 4 weeks ago, doing the loading dose of 10 drops 3 times a day, and that night I slept really good for the first time in years. The next day I noticed some detoxification symptoms coming and going, but that next night I again slept really good. For the next 7 to 10 days I had various detox symptoms and discomforts come and go as the mercury, other heavy metals and toxins were being dumped from my body, so we increased the dose to 15 drops 3 times a day, and that really helped. One day my urine smelled so strong like a bag of coins smells, so I knew I was dumping lots of toxic heavy metals out, which made me feel good.

Starting about 2 weeks ago, I began feeling better than I have in a long time, and now my energy level remains high throughout the day, and it is a "calm energy", which I like. My mental alertness is very high with no "mental fog" or "spacey-ness", and I don't feel or act irritable like I did before the zeolite. Best of all, I fall asleep fast and easy every night, I sleep soundly and deeply all night long, I wake up early (before the alarm goes off at 6:30am) and get right up and do a 30 minute heavy aerobic workout then get ready and go to work. I feel so much better, in so many ways, that it's hard to describe. All I know is, this zeolite product is almost miraculous in how it easily and safely removed the mercury and other toxins from my body, and I am very, very happy with it."

Also: "Our 8 year old son had mercury and nickel toxicity and had definite yet mild autistic symptoms for the past 6 years, until we started giving him the liquid activated zeolite drops. He came out of his "mental shell" that kept him from really being in touch with the world round him, and he started communicating more with us, his little 5 year old brother and his friends at school and he really began enjoying his life. I asked him one day (after he had been taking the zeolite for about 10 days) how he feels since he started taking the drops, and he gave me a wonderful look of sincere happiness and said that he feels like a barrier in his mind is gone and now he can rise up and do better and better in school like the other kids. After many weeks on the zeolite, he is now completely free of those autistic symptoms, and is a very happy and healthy boy who is doing excellent in school and in life as a result. Liquid activated zeolite has helped our wonderful son come back to us, and we are very, very happy and thankful for this amazing product."

Marlen Steward

"My saga begins in the mid 80s to mid 90s when I worked for 8 years in a building that was chemically toxic. The building had housed a carpet cleaning business and they rented to the company I worked for. They cleaned our carpets free every few months as a "perk" to us.

I noticed, especially when it was real humid, that there was this horrible smell and my eyes and sinuses would be affected. We had an unusually high rate of illness-30-80% on any given week. Upon inspection, three chemical toxins were found and they were imbedded in the concrete so the only way to get rid of them was to tear the building down. As years went on we had more and more colds, sinus and allergy problems. My sinus problems got to where they wouldn't go away and I started having ear infections. I had a miscarriage that led to discovering dysphasia of the cervix and a hysterectomy and 3 ear surgeries. I still had lots of sinus problems too. I felt it was because I was toxic. I tried a lot of ways to detox but nothing seemed to handle it. I figured it was toxic heavy metals and I would have to live with it. I was having all kinds of circulation problems, retaining water and couldn't ever seem to get over sinus infections. I was tired and cranky.

Then I heard about liquid activated zeolite. I was excited and cautious at the same time. I got some and WOW! 2 hours after the first dose my eyesight got clearer and the pressure in my ear left. The first night I slept great. I noticed I had more energy and no fogginess when I got up. I had no puffiness under my eyes, my knees and feet weren't sore, and my fingers weren't swollen. I was very excited! I kept taking it and things kept happening. My "arthritic knee" the doctor told me I had to live with suddenly didn't hurt and I could get up off the floor without limping and having to let it "work itself out". My skin looks and feels soft and the right color. It firmed up dramatically. Before I had loose bags under my eyes and chin and they were gone. In fact I noticed the skin on my whole body was firmer, even teeth that had been real loose. I don't have weird ticks or twitches anymore either. I swear my hair is shinier too. I noticed less hair falling out when I wash it. I also saw that there was no "gunk" under my finger and toe nails and the misshapen nails were straightening out. I hadn't even been taking the zeolite a week yet!!

Most of my complaints were things my doctor said were due to aging and I'd have to live with them. Boy was he wrong. After 3 ear surgeries I have loud cracking and banging noises in my ear. The doctor said it was from nerve damage and probably wouldn't go away. Well I haven't had any lately. The vertigo I was left with is way, way better and I have good balance now. My sinuses continue to get better and all the yeast infections I've had post surgeries are gone!

I feel like I'm 20 years younger and I've achieved this with NO side effects and no depletions or deficiencies in my body except burning when I go to the bathroom sometimes. The changes are dramatic due to extreme exposure to toxins, but I would have been happy to just not feel tired. I'm celebrating 2 full weeks of detoxing today.

Thanks to liquid activated zeolite my body doesn't suck anymore!!! I'm looking brightly to the future! Thanks!"

Jacki McLaughlin

"In the latter part of August I decided to try liquid activated zeolite. After listening to all the testimonials about it, I could not wait to get it. I began using it as I was instructed and all of a sudden I noticed that I had more energy, I didn’t feel the need to go to bed by 9:00, I was sleeping better, and I no longer had heartburn. I have also realized that I have a new mental clarity. I feel like reading, and trying new things again. It is like I finally have my life back.

After all these years, I am so excited to finally find something that makes me feel like living again. Which reminds me, I just realized that I have not taken my anti-depressant in about 2 weeks!!! I love this stuff!"

Cynthia Dempster

"How can I order Natural Cellular Defense™?"

The real question is... what would happen if you could free your mind and body of toxins, unleash the true natural healing powers of your body, and boost your health to quite possibly the highest level it's ever been? What would that feel like? There's only one way to find out.

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